Welcoming new people, of both sexes, of all ages, from all ethnic backgrounds and from all walks of life, is perhaps the golf industries greatest challenge.

The UKGCOA takes an active role working with other organisations, governing bodies and charities to GROW THE GAME.

National Golf Month

National Golf Month is an initiative driven by the British Golf Industry Association (BGIA) that gives golf clubs the opportunity to promote offers through the National Golf Month website that will target both lapsed and new golfers.

Get into Golf

The national campaign to get more people golfing.

Run by England Golf and supported by Sport England National Lottery Funding, it is delivered locally by golf clubs and PGA professionals.


The Golf Development Wales New2Golf beginner scheme provides clubs with funding to run a membership recruitment drive and aims to recruit new or lapsed members who are either new to golf or those who have played in the past and are looking to join a club. It supports individuals through coaching, playing opportunities and social events prior to recruiting them to full membership. Marketing resources and promotion via the GDW website is also provided. 

Vision 2020

Vision2020 is an in-depth research project undertaken by the EGCOA and its members to create an overview of the current situation in the European golf industry and develop an outlook for the development of golf till 2020. 


#ThisGirlGolfs is a video created to raise awareness of women's golf, deconstruct negative stereotypes and showcase the game in a positive light for females.

Women represent just 15 per cent of golf club members in England and only one in 25 of them are juniors, according to a recent report by Sports Marketing Surveys. There are currently more active female golfers in the Netherlands than in England.

The campaign is a collaboration between England Golf, the nation's governing body of amateur golf, the Scottish Golf Union, who are the equivalent body in Scotland, and Sports Publications' digital arm www.nationalclubgolfer.com.

The Golf Foundation

The Golf Foundation is a charity committed to giving children and young people the opportunity to experience golf and the benefits it has to offer. 

The Golf Foundation believes that golf is a wholesome activity that enriches the lives of those who participate in the sport. Through its work, it aims to give all young people a positive experience through the medium of golf regardless of their background or circumstances.

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