The UKGCOA is a member of the Parliamentary Golf Group. 

The Group brings together Members of the House of Lords and the House of Commons with the singular purpose to support the sport of golf.

The Group will meet regularly when Parliament is sitting to discuss issues that are important to the sport and to hear from those that work within golf at all levels.


24 May 2018Parliamentary Golf Group hears from The Golf Trust

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Golf last night (23 May) heard from The Golf Trust in Parliament.

05 Dec 2017Parliamentary Golf Group holds annual charity dinner

The All-Party Parliamentary Golf Group last night (4 December) held its annual charity dinner in the House of Lords.

13 Sep 2017Craig Tracey MP elected Co-Chair of Parliamentary Golf Group

Craig Tracey MP has become Co-Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Golf Group.

13 Jul 2017All-Party Parliamentary Golf Group reformed

The All-Party Parliamentary Golf Group was reconstituted last night (12 July), electing Officers and welcoming new MPs.