The UKGCOA is involved in a number of activities and projects on behalf of members. There are still some who think the UKGCOA only works on resolving the VAT distortion issue for proprietary golf facilities. While resolving this unjustifiable and unfair trade distortion is at the top of our priority list it is not the only piece of representation work the UKGCOA undertakes on behalf of members and the golf industry generally. This section outlines a few details of some of the ongoing work by the UKGCOA:

VAT distortion

The UKGCOA is working in partnership with the Home Country Unions and KPMG to persuade the HMRC and The Treasury that applying a reduced rate of VAT, currently 5%, to golf’s proprietary sector will resolve the legal disputes, save a number of struggling small golf businesses, enhance and unify the golf industry, increase employment and investment, and cost little after factoring in the increased tax yields from Income and Corporation tax.

Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) eligibility

The UKGCOA made a submission during 2014 to the CASC consultation, as did many other organisations and individual sports clubs. Clearly, CASC was established in 2002 to provide rates concessions to the small community cricket, bowls, tennis clubs, etc, and not for golf.

Re-structure of golf’s governance in England

The CEOs of England Golf and The PGA have invited the CEO of the UKGCOA to become a member of the Leadership Group within the England Golf Partnership (EGP). This will consist of invited senior representatives from the leading golf organisations in England.

The purpose of the group will be to jointly consider strategy and seek to further join up the work of the lead bodies in approaches which will directly lead to increases in participation and club membership.

So why be a member, when this type of representative work is being done anyway?

As a UKGCOA member, you can input to and influence various projects, i.e. your opinion will be sought to ensure the objectives set and actions undertaken meet the majority of members’ views. If you aren’t a member you won’t have a say on the direction.

Additionally, if the UKGCOA is representing all golf owners and operators on a vital representation project, it will be important to substantiate this representative position through membership numbers.

The annual fee for membership to the UKGCOA is nominal, it is more an “engagement” fee, i.e. a small payment to encourage golf facility owners and operators to engage with the UKGCOA, rather than fund the activities.

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