“I wish I had joined the UKGCOA when I first leased the golf courses 7 years ago. The networking benefit with other owners and marketing bootcamp made the membership great value in the first few months. On top of that, the account rebate with Bookers alone means my membership will be financially profitable from the first year. Looking forward to many years of industry networking.”

Simon Fitton, Director of Nene Golf Ltd

"I built my golf club over 25 years ago.  Like the hundreds of other UKGCOA proprietary golf club owners I am extremely lucky to be represented by a professional industry body who, when necessary, can communicate constructively with England Golf, government departments and other bodies.  

I believe that the UKGCOA has done an absolutely excellent job representing our case for fair taxation and other key areas of interest. I have been extremely impressed at the depth of experience and the broad skill set that the elected UKGCOA board has in golf and related areas."

Michael Ramsay, Owner of Stockwood Vale Golf Club

"Whether fighting for tax equality at national level or helping members grow revenues and reduce costs, the UKGCOA works tirelessly in the best interests of golf club owners and I believe represents excellent value for our annual subs"

Elliot Hamilton, Proprietor of Hunley Hotel & Golf Club

"The Club joined the UKGCOA as we felt it was essential to be involved in a body that provides a mouthpiece for the proprietary sector of golf clubs.  This area of the golf industry has grown in recent years and I personally believe that it will continue to grow. It was with this in mind that we felt there needed to be a greater representation and therefore, we signed up immediately.  The opportunity to meet with like-minded people across this sector to discuss some of the challenges that both the game faces, but specifically the proprietary owners face, is always invaluable. Obviously as the membership numbers grow, the significance of this body within golf will continue to gain momentum and significance when dealing with organisations both inside and outside of the sport."

Jason O'Malley, General Manager at Woburn Golf Club

I bought Cambridge Lakes Golf Course, a 9 hole par 3, in 1999 & joined OGRO shortly after its’ formation by Colin Jenkins and Rohan Barnett. Over the years I have attended most of their conferences and continued to do so after the transition into GolfBIC and link with UKGCOA.
As an independent operator it has been extremely useful to have the opportunity of meeting many owners and operators, comparing ideas and evaluating what one is doing well and not so well (or not at all!).In addition I have used the services of several of the suppliers who support the annual conferences and have had the great privilege and pleasure of spending time with such legends of the game as Peter Alliss and John Jacobs and being entertained by the incomparable Roger Mace. These have been very special occasions made possible by Colin’s professional golfing background and enthusiasm.

From my experience the directors of UKGCOA are experienced industry professionals, keen to remain at the forefront of new developments and to make themselves readily available if any questions or problems arise. I recommend membership of UKGCOA to all owners and members of the golf industry as a highly efficient and economical means of staying in touch with industry colleagues and current issues. Recent announcements confirm that UKCGOA is forging ahead and becoming a major force in the industry.”

Bob Barnes, Owner of Cambridge Lakes Golf Course